About Carer

The one-stop app for caregivers

Carer provides busy working adults a convenient way to care for your loved ones and gain the relevant knowledge to manage their healthcare needs.
About Carer

Your Benefits

Manage all information on one platform

When you have different people taking care of the elderly's needs, care co-ordination can sometimes be messy. Update and set reminders for appointments and medications, as well as upload medical reports and invoices for real-time tracking and sharing among your family members.

Equip yourself with relevant caregiving knowledge

It can be challenging managing the elderly's multiple health conditions or knowing what to do when elderly is ill. Receive advice and information tailored to your particular needs and situation, so that you know how to properly care for your loved ones. You can also share your knowledge and experience with other caregivers.

Hire a suitable Carer

Simply engage a qualified Carer for medical escort and home care services when you don't have time or need additional support. We use technology to improve the matching of Carers based on your requests and the elderly's health condition, and provide real-time updates and reports so you can have a peace of mind at work.

Our Partners

  • SG Caregiver
  • Silveray
  • Red Lion Ambulance