Medical Escort

Medical Escort

Besides making transport arrangements, our trained care aides and nurses ensure the safety and proper care of your elderly family members during their medical appointments. We also give you a peace of mind through timely updates on the doctors' diagnosis, medication and follow-up actions.
Hire a Carer Medical Escort


Pay only when you use the service, at the end of the session. Additional surcharge applies for emergency requests as well as appointments on the weekends and public holidays.

Local trained care aides Local registered nurses
Cost per hour (minimum 2 hours) $20/hr $25/hr
Surcharge: emergency requests for the same day or next day Additional 15% of total fee Additional 15% of total fee
Surcharge: weekends and public holidays Additional 15% of total fee Additional 15% of total fee

Our Carers will help you to make the necessary transport arrangements with our partners and notify you regarding the transportation cost before booking. If you have a preferred transport provider for the trip, do inform your assigned Carer in advance. Carer does not mark up the prices for transportation.

Wheelchair transport by Silveray
One-way trip Two-way trip
Within 10km $35 $70
10km – 14.9km $40 $80
15km – 19.9km $45 $90
20km – 24.9km $50 $100
More than 25km $55 $110
Surcharge: pre-office hours (6:31am – 9am) and evening hours (6:01pm – 10:30pm) $10 per trip (one-way)
Surcharge: midnight hours (10:31pm – 6:30am) $30 per trip (one-way)
Surcharge: peak hours (4:30pm – 5:59pm) $10 per trip (one-way)
Additional wheelchair(s): Must be of same pick-up and drop off point Subsidised rate at 50% of basic fare each
Waiting surcharge: Drivers will wait a stipulated maximum of 15 minutes after scheduled pick-up/return times after which every 15 minutes or part thereof block will be charged at $15 per block. These charges, if applicable, will be reflected in the invoice

*Please note that Silveray charges GST on top of the above prices

Ambulance transport by Red Lion Emergency Ambulance and Medical Services
One-way Two-way
9am-6pm (Weekdays) $60 $100
9am-6pm (Weekends) $90 $130
Surcharge: transfer after regular hours Between 6pm – 10pm: $50
Between 10:01pm – 6am: $100
Between 6:01am – 8:59am: $30
Surcharge: public holidays $50
Surcharge: heavy lifting for patients above 90kg $30 - $180
No lift landing: $20 per level
Surcharge: travelling across district zones e.g. Central to North area $30

*Additional surcharge applies for transfers to the A&E and Institute of Mental Health, as well as the use of oxygen therapy, ECG and AED equipment.

You can purchase in-app credits via cash, cheque or bank transfer, to pay for future appointments. Alternatively, we will auto-deduct the transport and service fee from your credit card, after each session. Contact us for more information.

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